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With lighters and headlights they guide the landing of a plane in Yurimaguas to save a pregnant 16-year-old adolescent


Thanks to the expertise of the pilot they transport the patient by air at night, Hospital “Santa Gema” mobilized motorcycle taxi drivers and drivers of linear motorcycles to illuminate the landing strip, CORPAC guided the landing of the ship contracted by the Hospital through the SIS.

The airplane of the Aerodiana Company with registration OB-1870 with a capacity of 14 passengers landed on the Moisés Benzaquen runway, and transferred to the city of Iquitos the patient, a pregnant adolescent of 16 years, with 31 weeks of pregnancy, with a generalized infection (sepsis) with a urinary focus, followed by dengue, the Intensivist physician Armando Sánchez Tuanama informed the press.

Santa Gema does not have resolution capacity for patients of that age, so the doctor made that decision to refer her to the Iquitos Regional Hospital for specialized care in gynecology, pediatrics and infectology.

Patient comes from the Túpac Amaru hamlet in the Shanusi Valley

The adolescent was referred in the first instance from the Health Post of Caserío Túpac Amaru (Valle del Shanusi) to the Health Center on the road and then went to the Santa Gema Hospital in Yurimaguas.

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