User´s Guide

User´s Guide

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User´s Guide


Quick tips for a better experience

Here are some suggestions for you have a more enjoyable trip. 

It is recommended to consider the returns to Lima or continuation of travel after 18:00 Hrs for the proper management of operations in each city.

  • Recommend passengers take a light breakfast.
  • Arrive at least 45 minutes before departure for the registration and weight thereof.
  • Indispensable carry with identification and / or original passport to board. (Required by airport authorities).
  • Indispensable carry with airfare.
  • Any minor must travel with a parent or legal guardian, otherwise must carry a legalized them permission.
  • Not recommended overflight for children under 3 years, infants pay 50% of the service. (Infants of 1 month old until 11 months).