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Aerodiana, Peruvian airline that operates from Pisco International Airport and Nazca Aerodrome takes up the challenge of continuing to promote tourism and appreciation of our cultural heritage, the Nazca Lines.

We have a modern Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft for 12 passengers comfortably seated, equipped with air conditioning, Garmin 1000 system, radar system (weather system), synthetic vision technology (total field observation) and oxygen, and our aircrafts passes through periodic maintenance inspections every 100 hours.

Our pilots are highly qualified and have extensive experience flying in the area, with more than 5,000 flight hours and certification to operate in all fields. We invite you to experience overflight The Nazca Lines providing you with the best service, while contributing significantly to the development of the town and local economy.

Aerodiana it’s a passionately leader in offering a safe and friendly environment and to accomplish in each flight the total satisfaction of our customers and passengers tourist air activity.

Aerodiana is to be the A1 Airline on national and international tourist air transport.

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Maria Reiche Neumann

The Lady of the Pampa (1903 – 1998)

Born in Dresden, germany. Archaeologist and mathematical famous for research on the Nazca Lines.

Arrived in Perú in 1932 to educate the children of the German consulate in Cusco, she was first impressed by the beauty of the Andean landscape and recorded in her memory every impressions that produced these places full of history.

Maria Reiche was one of the researchers who suggested that the Nazca geoglyphs represent the world’s largest calendar. She dedicated her life to establish that the measures and guidelines of the geoflyphs were related with regard to the stars..

She showed that the people of Nazca had used this astronimical area to know when each season began, when the best time to harvest was and when rain started

Nazca undoubtedly owes her the tourisms that it receives nowadays and the tourists who come especially to know these mysterious lines.