Aerodiana | Fly over the Nazca Lines
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Fly over the Nazca Lines

Fly over the Nazca Lines

We arrived to Nazca by bus from Cusco, a journey of 14 hours with occasional mishap due to a strike that delayed the departure of all buses. We thought we were not going to reach our flight but finally we got it. From the terminal where we left the bus took a taxi (4 Soles) that took us to the Maria Reiche airport used mainly for tourism in Nazca lines.

At the airport there are only a very small room full of desks all companies that perform “overflights”. We chose to fly with Aerodiana, a company of which we read very good references and had contacted a few weeks beforehand to check the possibilities of flying with them. His treatment from the start was exceptional, fast and close. Renzo Frassinetti, one of its merchandisers, and manage efficiently our reservation, we passed a lot of confidence, which arrived at the airport really motivated to live this experience.

Upon arrival, we headed to the check-in desk, the largest of the room, and present our passports, essential as any conventional airport. The staff gave us boarding passes and kept our backpacks at no extra cost. The plane can only go up a small bag and camera. Then we went to pay the aerodrome TUA (25 soles / person) rates.

While we waited to board our time we were watching a National Geographic documentary about the Nazca lines that projected in the waiting room. Very interesting and recommended to delve into the history of the place before visiting.

Although aircraft Aerodiana are larger than the other companies and more stable in the air, not us play and we take the magic pill: Biodramina (namely a Dramin we had bought in Brazil for a boat trip).

We boarded our plane with a group of French where we were lucky to be seated in the front row, just behind the pilots. We put on our belts and 3, 2.1 … fuuummm … flying!

Patri and there we were flying over the desert in the smallest artifact that had never been such that Indiana Jones and Sean Connery XD.

As we approach the lines indicating where the passenger was met and pointing at them with his hand. The plane was put at nearly 90 ° from the ground to show to one side of the plane and then go over them again but the plane was turning the other way so that the seats on the other side also seen.
At first we struggled to see the lines on the ground, we had to train in sight. One size is expected to see them displayed on postcards, but unless your eyes are zoom, mine for now do not have it, they are much smaller. The other difficulty is that the land does not put anything easy, is not smooth, the figures are mixed hundreds of lines and geometric shapes.

Our overflight included the classic circuit in which 12 “geoglyphs” shown during the 30 minutes it takes flight: 1. Whale, trapezoids 2., 3. Astronaut, 4. Mono, 5. Dog, Hummingbird 6. 7. Condor 8. Spider, 9. Alcatraz / Flamingo, 10. Parrot, 11. hands 12. The tree.

The astronaut or alien, Spider, Hummingbird Tree and hands, the condor

We finished the flight with my stomach asking track. You want to photograph, record with the GoPro and look on both sides of the plane was too much for my body. Luckily in 5 minutes we were on firm ground and everything fell into place. Nevertheless, the experience was unique and enigmatic …

Of course, we continue our route with the same questions unanswered

Useful information

Company: Aerodiana
Duration: 30 minutes
flyby price “classical circuit”: US $ 106.00 / person

Note: All prices in this article are in soles at the turn of the time it was s / 1 to 0.29 €